Heart (Thailand) Co., Ltd is located in Pattaya and was founded in 2008 by my husband and I. He is a Canadian national, named Jacques Dumoulin and I am a Thai national, named Anchalee Hongthong.
We are a tour operator. We sell our own tours, making it easier to control the quality. We do not subcontract to other tours operators. Too many people ended up getting what they don't want. For those of you who have been to Thailand before you will probably have experienced the tuktuk taking you to a jewelry factory instead of the King's Palace, or the food too difficult to swallow because Thai people like to cook bones and cartilage with their meat. The minivan that you expected to be private turned out to be shared with many others and you had to squeeze in. The countless souvenir shops where your driver left you for long stays because he gets commissions from the shop owner. The Thai guide who suddenly doesn't understand English anymore because you are at his friends shop and you are complaining that you are not at the schedule tourist attraction, etc. The list could be endless.
My husband has lived in Thailand for more than 10 years. Over the years he has received many visitors from his home country. We soon realized that most of these peoples want to see the same things and that there is a limit to the number of Temples that they want to see.
Typically the first and sometime the second day, they will stay near their hotel and relax just to get the Thai feeling, get use to the heat and recuperate from their jet lag.
After that, if they are a first timer in Thailand, they will want to visit Bangkok and the principal cities (Chiang Mai, Phuket, etc.). They will also want to spice their trip with all sorts of activities, such as learning about the Thai culture (temples, archeological sites, etc.), visiting beautiful landscapes (rice fields, bamboo forests, waterfalls, etc.) and seeing unusual animals (tigers, crocodile, etc.)
We also have realized that it is cheaper, easier and that you will have a tour of a better quality if you buy yourself your international air tickets and main hotels, leaving the visiting part to Thai locals.
We have discovered that when buying a complete package the visitor is often undersold in the quality of hotel, food and attraction provided. The last being the reason why so many tourists go back to their home country thinking that there is only temples to visit in Thailand. It isn't true. These packages include a lot of temples, because for most of them there are no admission fees, making it even more profitable for the tour operator.
Look around before buying your tour and ask questions. We are confident that you will come back to us.
It will be our pleasure to serve you,
Anchalee (Pop) Hongthong
General Manager